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Lens + Luma specializes in cinematic wedding photography & portraiture, with elements of candid photojournalism.   My name is Marc and I am the Photographer/Owner of Lens + Luma.  I am based in Minneapolis and available for weddings at any destination.  My approach is a blend of cinematic portraiture and candid photojournalism.  I strive to create honest and compelling photographs.  I want to tell an editorial story with my images, something that is genuine and authentic.  I also work with an assistant and utilize off-camera lighting to ensure that portraits are properly lit and professionally distinct.  Your engagement and wedding photos should be something that your friends with cameras couldn’t replicate. I work with premium gear and have accumulated the skills to offer you finely honed, cinematic photographs that will last your lifetime.

Cinematic Portraiture

The photographers I look up to use skills and gear that really focus on producing quality, cinematic photographs.  I do, too.  This means that the portraits I like to produce are carefully planned and prepared, skillfully constructed using a blend of natural and off-camera lighting, and subtly crafted with high-end retouching – all to produce a final look that feels like it belongs in a magazine editorial.  The final result in your images is a photographic product that is intended to be printed and framed, a professional photo that captures this moment in your life.

Wedding Photojournalism

My approach to capturing the many fleeting moments of your wedding day is influenced by elements of photojournalism – I want to capture those moments that are candid and unposed, genuine and honest.  So blended into a collection that incorporates carefully posed cinematic portraiture are these candid snapshots of your friends and family on your wedding day.  I find that capturing the genuine canvas of emotions on your wedding day is a distinct part of telling the story of you as a couple.


Minneapolis Wedding Photographer | Minneapolis Wedding Photographers | MN Wedding Photographer | MN Wedding Photographers